White Oak "Meikakuna",
Style & Origin
styleJapanese Blended Whisky
strength43% (86 proof)
availabilityexclusive (Trader Joe's)
bottler Alexander Murray & Co
blender Shiki Shuzo Corp
distillery White Oak Distillery
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Release Notes
Some whiskies are workhorses, great for mixing in cocktails or casual, everyday sipping. Others, like our brand new Meikakuna, are more meant to be slowly savored and appreciated in an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. That’s because it’s made especially for us by an expert distiller in Japan who uses a selectively balanced blend of Japanese whiskies, each aged for a minimum of three years. The result is an especially smooth and luscious flavor profile that’s layered with tempered notes of honey and vanilla, and a particularly luxurious, spice-filled finish. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Meikakuna Japanese Whisky pairs expertly with rich, savory foods – something like our new Bacon Wrapped Porchetta, perhaps. It makes an awesome gift to any and all whisky connoisseurs in your life, even—and especially—if that whiskey connoisseur is you. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s likely the best deal you’ll find on Japanese whisky of this quality all year.
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Hyogo Prefecture, home of Mount Kasagata, where the Noma River flows, and the location of the distillery producing this whisky. The distinct region is known as the "navel of Japan", whose clear spring waters are renowned for purported healing qualities. Blended from whisky aged a minimum of three years, Meikakuna offers aromas of woody oak and tropical fruits. A sweet honey and vanilla taste leads to a bold finish, long and spicy.
From the Bottle
The clue to this having been distilled at White Oak distillery (Eigashima Shuzo) is that the bottle says this was distilled in Hyogo prefecture. It's the only distillery there.
Yours Truly
The Bottler: Alexander Murray & Co
Established: 2004
Silent since: False
Address: Calabasas, CA 91302
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1911: There, in the rolling fields of the North-East of Scotland, on a small farm, a boy was born. This boy, named Alexander Murray, would grow up working the farm, which helped shape his character and view on the world. Alexander Murray would become a true individual and independent thinker, and would influence many of those around him, including his young nephew, Steve Lipp.

2004: Steve, now a fully grown man, having cut his teeth working for a number of independent whisky companies in Scotland in the 1990s, founded Alexander Murray & Co LLC and the Alexander Murray brand in his new home, California; naming the company after the Great Uncle who gave him his very first taste of Scotch whisky; ‘the water of life’.
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The Blender: Shiki Shuzo Corp
Established: 2019
Silent since: False
Address: Yachiyo ku
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To meet its beloved customers' needs, Shiki Shuzo is currently in pertnership with many Japanese domestic distilleries to produce and sell distilled liquors. Shiki Shuzo can produce both pure malt whisky (aging & no aging) and blended whisky in affordable price ranges.

Our goal is to be your best partner with OEM whiskey & spirits products that differentiate you from your competitors and national brands via Japanese domestic distilleries. In other words, our Japanese whiskies and spirits are highly competitive products which possibly conquer all markets.
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The Distillery: White Oak Distillery
Established: 1888
Silent since: False
Address: Ookubo-cho
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Founded in 1888 on the site of Eigashima in the city of Akashi, White Oak distillery was the first in Japan to obtain the license of distilled spirits in 1919 and according to the legend would consequently be the first to distil whisky. Production remained traditional and reserved for the Japanese market until 1984 with the construction of a new distillery specially dedicated to the distillation of whisky. Located near the sea, and the city of Kobe, the distillery is enjoying a mild and stable climate. Today White Oak produces single malt in small quantities, but increasing quality.
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